raumlaborberlin, The Kitchen Monument, Liverpool 2009, ©raumlaborberlin
raumlaborberlin, Vortex, Den Haag 2012, ©raumlaborberlin
studioBASAR, Javno kopališče / Public Bath, Bukarešta / Bucharest, 2012

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The New Dynamics of Public Space

Public space is freedom. It is a place of differences expressed by everyday life, rhythms, rituals, nature and history. It allows us to meet one another, connect and work together in ways organized or entirely spontaneous. As a space of democratic political participation and one in which new economies emerge, public space enables society to transform itself. In this light, it is an essential component of quality of life that goes beyond measurable indexes evaluating cities or localities in a competitive context. The most interesting happenings in public space occur in the background of the newly designed furniture and smooth pavements, where people interact and find new uses for space in ways previously unimagined.

Therefore, beyond its physical appearance, the social situations and goings-on of public space are today highly relevant with regard to its reorganization and transformation. Architects, designers and urban planners increasingly expand their role into strategic fields, dealing simultaneously with the structure of public space and with its dynamics. Their aim is to improve the self-organization of citizens and facilitate social interaction within the communities and their relationship to the environment. Thus, public space is becoming a common platform for thinking and production that overcomes the tensions between policy and planning.

The New Dynamics of Public Space conference, curated by Matevž Čelik, will discuss the impact of contemporary public space practices on urban economy, politics and quality of life. It is part of the Europe City project.

Ethel Baraona Pohl, dpr-barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
Michiel van Iersel, Non-fictionFailed Architecture, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Ana Kutleša, [BLOK], Zagreb, Croatia
Alex Axinte, studioBASAR, Bucharest, Romania
Alenka Korenjak, ProstoRož, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Axel Timm, raumlaborberlin, Berlin, Germany
Marko Sančanin, Platforma 9.81, Zagreb, Croatia
Rianne Makkink, Studio Makkink & Bey, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Ricardo Gomes, Planning for Protest, Berlin, Germany
Marko Peterlin, IPoP, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Marko Fatur, LUZ, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Michael Obrist, feld72, Vienna, Austria

Thursday, 8 May 2014
9.00   registration
9.30   Welcome: mag. Tanja Bogataj, Ministry of Infrastructure and Spatial Planning
9.15   Introduction: Matevž Čelik
10.00 Ethel Baraona Pohl, dpr-barcelona, Barcelona
10.45 Michiel van Iersel, Non-fiction, Failed Architecture, Amsterdam
11.30 discussion, moderator: Jan Boelen, Z33, Hasselt
12.00 coffee break
12.15 Ana Kutleša, [BLOK], Zagreb
13.00 Alex Timm, raumlaborberlin, Berlin
13.45 discussion, moderator: Anja Planišček, Faculty of Architecture, Ljubljana
14.15 lunch
15.00 Marko Sančanin, Platforma 9.81, Zagreb
15.45 Ricardo Gomes, Planning for Protest, Berlin
16.30 discussion, moderator: Matevž Čelik, MAO, Ljubljana

Friday, 9 May 2014
9.00   morning coffee
9.30   Welcome: dr. Uroš Grilc, minister, Ministry of Culture
10.00 Rianne Makkink, Studio Makkink & Bey, Rotterdam
10.45 Marko Peterlin, IPoP, Ljubljana (skype)
11.30 discussion, moderator: Matjaž Uršič, Faculty of Social Sciences, Ljubljana
12.00 coffee break
12.15 Marko Fatur, LUZ, Ljubljana
13.00 Alex Axinte, studioBASAR, Bucharest
13.45 discussion, moderator: Mika Cimolini, Elastik, Ljubljana
14.15 lunch
15.00 Alenka Korenjak, ProstoRož, Ljubljana
15.45 Michael Obrist, feld72, Vienna
16.30 discussion, moderator: Maja Vardjan, MAO, Ljubljana

We reserve right to change the programme.

*** Applications to the conference on Thursday are closed. Kindly invited to apply to the conference on Friday!
Free admission to the conference but applications to infobio(at)mao.si are required.






From 9 am to 5 pm

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Applications to the conference on Thursday are closed. Kindly invited to apply to the conference on Friday!

Free admission. Applications to infobio(at)mao.si are required.




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