Dolina Ščavnice pred 1980. Foto: DKAS
Dolina Ščavnice 2019. Foto: DKAS
Brežice in HE. Foto: DKAS


Landscape. Yesterday. Today? Tomorrow!



A Reflection on the Slovenian Landscape.

Slovenia is generally perceived as a land of invaluable beauty and landscape, as demonstrated by this year’s campaign launched by the Slovenian Tourist Board in association with National Geographic. However, Slovenia’s spatial reality presents a completely opposite picture. Although it is highly valued by Slovenian society and ultimately forms an important part of national identity, the loss of the quality of landscape mainly results from the lack of a comprehensive approach to landscape management.

Through a series of photographs, the exhibition problematizes this duality and shows that the image of the Slovenian landscape is not a static one, but is a reflection of man’s impact on its physical properties and changes over time. It calls into question the comparison between the landscapes living in our consciousness and those we live in.


MAO, Rusjanov trg 7 

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