Tendencies: Architecture and Urban Planning in Celje, 1955–1985


Aimed at both the general and professional public alike, the exhibition offers the first comprehensive insights into the lesser-known post-war architectural achievements, large-scale urbanisation and mass housing projects in Slovenia’s third largest city, which grew into the city it is today in the decades between 1950 and 1980.

Along with reproductions and original plans, sketches, articles and photographs of architectural creations and their interiors in their original state, the exhibition presents 20 civic and commercial buildings and complexes. The exhibition takes the visitor from the developing, early post-war modernism of Celje’s Janko Hartman, Franc Korent and Aleksej Janušič to the first milestone of the early 1960s, when the first two modern corridorless schools by Emil Navinšek were built, along with Edvard Ravnikar’s National Bank, Danilo Sajovic’s Slovenijales department store and Cveta and Jure Sadar Sr.’s Library, all of them employing a unique modernist architectural language and sited so as not to disturb the delicate fabric of the old city core.

The second milestone came in the early 1970s, with Branko Kocmut’s Kovinotehna and Blaž Slapšak’s Agrotehnika commercial buildings, Danilo Sajovic’s Veleblagovnica T department store and the Golovec multifunctional sports hall by Jože Kopitar. With their original approach to the location and function of the building they were designing, by introducing new materials, technological developments in construction and state-of-the-art equipment, these authors set in motion new trends in architecture, creating what were the most modern buildings in and around Celje.

The 1970s in Celje were marked also by extremely well-designed, functional and children-friendly primary schools by Ravnikar’s student Miran Polutnik, whose incisive instinct for location, materials and didactic qualities render them comparable with many other well-executed school facilities around the world.

Tendencies thus opens up an eternally pressing issue: how to preserve and evaluate modernist architecture, and which architectural projects in particular should be singled out for such.

The exhibition was first on display in the autumn of 2018 at “Majolka“ in Celje.

The Tendencies exhibition was created by:
Adam Breznik
Domen Ermenc
Timotej Jevšenak
Pia Klančar
Monika Vešligaj

The exhibition is part of the “Project space” programme. The programme is composed of smaller, shorter-run exhibitions chosen on an annual open call basis. The exhibitions are co-produced together with partners and must follow the criteria for uniformity of heritage in the fields of architecture, design and photography.


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