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Out to sea?


Gigantic amounts of plastic garbage enter the seas every day and are thus gradually transforming into a plastic soup – with serious consequences for our health. With its new exhibition “Out to Sea?” the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, in partnership with the Drosos Foundation, spotlights the effects of plastic debris as well as examining various possible solutions. MAO has prepared an accompanying exhibition with a focus on artificial materials and the properties of these materials presented through the selection of plastic items from the museum collections of industrial design.
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Future Architecture: Call for Ideas 2017


Future Architecture platform launches the second Call for Ideas for emerging artists to be a part of th Future Architecture programme of events 2017. More at Future Architecture.
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The Year of Future Architecture | Archifutures Vol. 1: The Museum


The platform promoted an emerging generation of creatives through a vibrant programme of 5 exhibitions, 7 conferences, 57 lectures, 10 workshops, a summer school, and an upcoming book series. Selected architects, designers and curators shared their ideas and presented their work to an audience of over 250,000 people. The proposals of the Call for Ideas now constitute an online repository.

Edited and designed by &beyond and published by dpr-barcelona, the book is the first part of a three-volume field guide to the future of architecture. It includes thought pieces, essays, interviews, and discussions – in both words and pictures. Archifutures presents the people shaping tomorrow’s architecture and cities – and thereby help shaping our societies of the future as well. More>>
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Home at Arsenale: Events in November


November Events in the Pavilion of Slovenia [Home at Arsenale] in Venice, Italy:
- Exhibitors’ presentation / Housing in projeczs and books / Hrvoje Njirić & Vasa Perović - 12. 11. 2016  at 15.30
- Exhibitors’ presentation / Atelier à habiter / Jan Boelen - 13. 11. 2016 at 12.00
- Event - workshop / Inhabit [Home at Arsenale] / Maruša Zorec and the studnts - 15. 11. 2016 at 15.00
- Exhibitors’ workshop presentation / New on Top of the Old: Apartments for Whistleblowers / Tomaž Krištof and the students - 20. 11. 2016 at 16.00
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