Guided Tours

Around Ljubljana

Tour of Plečnik’s Ljubljana
– A guided walk in the centre of Ljubljana offers insight into the work of Jože Plečnik, one of the most important Slovene architects of the twentieth century. The tour begins in front of his house in Trnovo, continues on foot in the direction of Križanke, Congress Square, the Cobblers’ Bridge and along the Ljubljanica as far as the Triple Bridge and ends at the Central Ljubljana Market.

Tour of Secession Ljubljana
– Visitors learn about events at the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth century and the Secession architecture of that period, with special emphasis on decorative features. The tour begins at the Dragon Bridge, where we learn about the legend of the dragon, the symbol of the City of Ljubljana, and continues along Miklošič Street past the Urbanc House and the Grand Hotel Union as far as Miklošič Square. We will hear about turn-of-the-century mayor Ivan Hribar and why he was important and about the now-forgotten streetcars that used to navigate the streets of the capital.

Twentieth-Century Architecture in Ljubljana – This guided tour runs along what is today known as Slovene Street. In the twentieth century, its appearance was defined by the works of the architects Edvard Ravnikar, Edo Mihevc, Milan Mihelič and Vinko Glanz and associates. We will explore the variety of this period’s architecture, both in terms of appearance and programme. At that time, residential and office complexes (the Ferant blocks, the Kozolec building), business premises (Metalka, IMPEX, the International Telephone Exchange) and public buildings (the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia, the Cankar Center, Maximarket) were built, in addition to infrastructure (the Petrol gas station) and complex urban-planning projects (Republic Square).

Contemporary Architecture – Guided tours of current architecture in Ljubljana are organised once a month. Individual buildings and other structures are presented by architects, landscape architects, designers, urban planners and other experts who participated in their planning and construction.

Suitable for primary and secondary schools and educational institutions. By prior arrangement only, for groups of at least 15, duration 60–90 min, in Slovene, German and English.The programme is carried out for various age groups, by prior arrangement only.

Natalija Lapajne
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