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Future Architecture Platform mit hoz a jövő?


Hungarian architectural platform on Future Architecture. More>>
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Christmas shopping: Ljubljana


( Issue 99, december 16 / january 17)

The shop at the Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO) flips the dull, souvenir-laden stereotype of museum shops on its head. Located in the 16th-century Fuzine castle, the shop overlooks a cloistered courtyard and is packed with gems from Slovenia's brightest design talents. More>>  
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From unwanted invasive plants to environmentally-friendly bags


Since the overgrowth Japanese knotweed, one of the most invasive alien species, remains a major problem of the city. The designer of the collective Re-generation found a solution to this undesirable invasive plant to make best use. In collaboration with partners they are making from Japanese knotweed paper, notes, and paper bags. more>>
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Art of the 80s in the Gallery of Modern Art


In Ljubljana Gallery of Modern Art are returning to the art of the eighties through the prism of events, exhibitions and discourses. At the exhibition The new facilities, a new image, also participates MAO - the Biennial of Industrial Design and Plecnik exhibition in Paris. more>>
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