• image Exhibition BIO 25: Faraway, So Close [h2]5/25/-11/19/2017[/h2]The exhibition has been extended through 19 November! Curated by Angela Rui and Maja Vardjan, FARAWAY, SO CLOSE responds to the observation that although the city remains the model within which the evolution of contemporary society is discussed and interpreted, we are recently witnessing a growing percentage of people that leave the city for other contexts and environments. https://bio.si/en/ 12
  • image Exhibition Community Kit [h2]10/12/-11/19/2017[/h2]From the initial desire to set up both an infrastructure and a virtual platform, Community Kit was remade into a theoretical-artistic research network. In an attempt to create a supporting system for the already existing emerging community in the Ljubljana district of Fužine, the final target of the first project, i.e. an intervention in the park, was redirected to researching the foundations of the community itself. /Exhibition/Community-Kit_1.aspx 12
  • image Exhibition Common Places [h2]9/14/-10/29/2017[/h2]A Constellation of Micro-Interventions within Nove Fužine
    The project, a part of Future Architecture, was conceived by Plan Común and Tiago Torres-Campos as a constellation of public space micro-interventions related to built or natural pre-existing conditions within the Nove Fužine housing scheme.
    http://futurearchitectureplatform.org/programme/10/common-places/ 12
  • image Exhibition Plečnik's students and other Yugoslav architects in Le Corbusier's atelier [h2]9/21/-12/10/2017[/h2]Already in the 1920s, Plečnik's students were easily enthused about Le Corbusier's ideas, yet they were also critical of them and already by the mid-1950s had turned away from them.  /Exhibition/Plecnik-s-students-and-other-Yugoslav-architects-in-Le-Corbusier-s-atelier.aspx 12

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hour TUE. 10/24/2017  | 5 PM
Closing Conference of BIO 25
How can small towns and cities confront challenges and become leaders in offering a high quality of life to its inhabitants? This is what we'll be discussing at the closing conference, with urban development experts and representatives of Slovenian towns that hosted BIO 25. more »
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By presenting the seven investigative episodes developed within BIO 25 and their interchange with both local archives and broader paradigms, the book works to explore ways of changing the goals of design culture. more »
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The café, designed by Bureau Triiije (Three architects), is furnished with iconic chairs and tables that distinguished Slovenian interiors in the 20th century. Guests are pampered with fragrant coffee, ice-cream and delicious homemade cakes by Kaval Group. more »
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Guided Tour BIO 25

hour SUN. 11/12/2017  | 11 AM
Workshop, last in the series, offers a half-day culinary experience on the location in Genterovci near Lendava. Provided by food researcher, the workshop includes a tour of installation, gathering of wild plants and turning them into a meal. more »
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