• image Exhibition Out to Sea? [h2]12/8/-4/23/2017[/h2]The Plastic Garbage Project
    Gigantic amounts of plastic garbage enter the seas every day and are thus gradually
    transforming into a plastic soup – with serious consequences for our health. What happens to a plastic product at the end of its life cycle? The exhibition spotlights the effects of plastic debris as well as examining various possible solutions. The most widely used plastics are presented; questions about consumption, health hazards, microplastic, material cycles or bioplastics are asked.
    THU. 12/8/2016 | 7 PM /Exhibition/Out-to-Sea.aspx 12
  • image Future Architecture platform Call for Ideas 2017 [h2]11/15/-1/9/2017[/h2]After a successful first cycle of activities in the initial year, Future Architecture platform launches a new call for ideas for all who wish to participate in the Future Architecture program cycle throughout Europe in 2017. The platform invites emerging creatives to apply with the ideas, visions and projects they consider important for the future of architecture. /Event/Call-for-Ideas-2017_1.aspx 11
  • image Exhibition Common Places [h2]9/14/-10/29/2017[/h2]A Constellation of Micro-Interventions within Nove Fužine
    The project, a part of Future Architecture platform, was conceived by Plan Común and Tiago Torres-Campos as a constellation of public space micro-interventions related to built or natural pre-existing conditions within the Nove Fužine housing scheme.
    /Exhibition/Common-Places.aspx 12
  • image Exhibition Home at Arsenale [h2]5/28/-11/27/2016[/h2]A curated library addressing the notions of home and dwelling by Tina Gregorič and Aljoša Dekleva at the 15th International Architecture Exhibition responds to curator Alejandro Aravena’s title Reporting from the front by addressing the topics of home and dwelling as current critical social and environmental issues /Exhibition/Home-at-Arsenale.aspx 12
  • image Exhibition Tanja Radež: Self-Fulfilling Prophecies [h2]10/27/-12/11/2016[/h2]The exhibition of the poster series Self-Fulfilling Prophecies uses slogans and mottos from our recent past to depict, in a relaxed autobiographical fashion, the prophecies that have marked our lives. /Exhibition/Tanja-Radez-Self-Fulfilling-Prophecies.aspx 12

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The Museum of Architecture and Design, organizer of the 25th Biennial of Design in Ljubljana, launches an open call for entries for BIO 25: Asociated Projects, a programme of parallel events, exhibitions, lectures and other projects. Local and international designers, curators, educational institutions and cultural organizations are invited to take part in the programme. more »
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Vladimir Braco Mušič and large scale architecture
The book on 237 pages with rich photo material and expert texts accompanying the exhibition with the same title explores the life and work of the architect and urbanist Vladmir Braco Mušič and the development of urban design concepts of Slovenian hausing estates from the first post-war developments to the last large neighborhoods. more »
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Guided tour


The guided tours of exhibitions in MAO are organized for different age groups. Featured content is enriched with the interpretation, observation amd conversation. They can be accompanied with worksheets or workshops. Join us on these special explorations! more »
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Guided tour


The Stories of Ljubljana Castles connects four castles and public institution working in the field of cultural heritage.The combined attractively priced ticket offers a fresh cultural as well as a castle experience. Visit the four castles! more »
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MAO Joins the Università Iuav di Venezia Internship Programme

The internship is part of international programme of Curatorship of...
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