• image Exhibition Ljubljana’s Nebotičnik (Skyscraper) [h2]7/2/-8/30/2020[/h2]The Ljubljana's Nebotičnik (Skyscarper) exhibition is part of a series of events designed to present items from MAO collections. Taking place in the Chapel at the Fužine Castle, the exhibition will focus on Nebotičnik, once the tallest building in Ljubljana.  /Exhibition/Ljubljanas-Neboticnik-Skyscraper.aspx 12
  • image Exhibition MADE IN: CRAFTS — DESIGN NARRATIVES [h2]5/16/-9/20/2020[/h2]MADE IN: CRAFTS — DESIGN NARRATIVES explores the relationship between traditional cultures of making and contemporary design production. Through objects taken from the archives, photographic materials and newly created projects, the exhibition addresses a number of current issues today, like locally sourced materials, encouraging local production, the potential of new technologies in heritage conservation, and the development of new models of collaboration. /Exhibition/MADE-IN-CRAFTS-DESIGN-NARRATIVES_1.aspx 12
  • image Exhibition An Object and a Collection [h2]11/14/-1/31/2021[/h2]The exhibition is comprised of more than 200 exhibits representing both icons of Slovenian architecture and design as well as transitory products and objects presented to the public for the first time.  /Exhibition/An-Object-and-a-Collection.aspx 12

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  Built on commission from the Khisl family in mid-16th century, Fužine Castle is the only remaining renaissance castle in Ljubljana. At the time of its construction it served as a proof of wealth, reputation and political powers of its first owners. more »
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  The Museum Summer Night in MAO will start at 6 pm in the park in front of Fužine castle. 
The castle park will become a fair of ideas and objects, where you will be able to listen the stories of crafts and design and buy your favourite product. Thematic workshops and a fairytale corner will be organised for children.
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hour SAT. 5/22/2021



As we go through our daily routines we frequently overlook how important community is in our lives; we lose sight of our place within it, our relationships with other people, and how strongly this shapes our daily lives. But once this interaction is broken due to personal or social circumstances, it soon becomes obvious how much it is missed.
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The exhibition showcases the Crafts Archive of 40 craftspeople from the region through photo documentation and stories, and raises questions about the production in the contemporary world within eight Crafts — Design Narratives realized through collaborations of more than 30 craftspeople and more then 40 designers from all over the Europe.  more »
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