• image Exhibition Stanko Kristl, Architect [h2]12/19/-5/27/2018[/h2]Humanity and Space
    Architect, professor, researcher, academician, innovator, humanist and perpetual creative critical voice. Stanko Kristl has long been one of the most important architects in Slovenia. His work, from kindergartens, schools, hospitals, homes and monuments, both at the time of its creation and still today, triggers the very engaged attention of domestic and international publics alike.
    /Exhibition/Stanko-Kristl-Architect.aspx 12
  • image Exhibition The (Un)Realized Parliament [h2]12/22/-3/4/2018[/h2]On 23 January 1947, Ferdo Kozak, the president of the People's Assembly of Slovenia, met with the architect Jože Plečnik to talk on the subject of »building the Slovenian parliament.« soon, vents unraveled.
    The exhibition at the chapel of Castle Fužine presents some of architect Vinko Glanz's drawings for assembly hall seats and benches, several drawings of the portal, and the documents concerning Jože Plečnik's unrealized design for the Slovenian parliament.
    /Exhibition/The-UnRealized-Parliament.aspx 12
  • image Exhibition The Aesthetics of Consumption in Socialism [h2]12/15/-2/23/2018[/h2]The poster is an important and unique instrument of communication. The commercial poster has become popular in the former Yugoslavia (mainly Slovenia) and in Hungary from the sixties of the last century, which was fostered by political and economic factors. At the exhibition we will present a selection of Hungarian and Slovenian commercial and film posters from the 60’s and 70’s of the last century. /Exhibition/The-Aesthetics-of-Consumption-in-Socialism.aspx 12
  • image Exhibition Common Places [h2]9/14/-12/31/2018[/h2]A Constellation of Micro-Interventions within Nove Fužine
    The project, a part of Future Architecture, was conceived by Plan Común and Tiago Torres-Campos as a constellation of public space micro-interventions related to built or natural pre-existing conditions within the Nove Fužine housing scheme.
    http://futurearchitectureplatform.org/programme/10/common-places/ 12

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MAO invites applications from individuals and institutions for projects in progress, experiments and ongoing research in architecture, design and photography. The purpose of this call is to select recent projects that will be presented in shorter-running exhibitions as part of the museum's programme. more »
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Guided tour

hour SAT. 1/27/2018  | 11 AM
Join us on our monthly English language guided tour of the castle, where MAO is located! Built on commission from the Khisl family in mid-16th century, Fužine Castle is the only remaining renaissance castle in Ljubljana. more »
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By presenting the seven investigative episodes developed within BIO 25 and their interchange with both local archives and broader paradigms, the book works to explore ways of changing the goals of design culture. more »
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The exhibition at General hospital Izola presents the beneficial effects of architecture on the visitors, patients and employees at General Hospital Izola, with a special focus on the part of the hospital designed by Stanko Kristl. more »
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