1 ticket to 11 museums

There are numerous world-famous artworks and museum items in Ljubljana. Do you know them? Several Ljubljana museums and galleries have joined forces to give you a special welcome: Until 30 August 2020 you can visit 13 venues with a single ticket!
This is the time to see the treasures at Ljublajna! The International Center of Graphic Arts, Moderna galerija – MG+MSUM, the City Museum of Ljubljana, the National Museum of Contemporary History, the Museum of Architecture and Design, the National Gallery of Slovenia, the National Museum of Slovenia, the Slovene Museum of Natural History, the Slovene Ethnographic Museum, the Slovene National Theater Museum and the Slovene School Museum are spotlighting one globally famous protagonist from their collections each. This summer you can see them all at the very affordable price of €8.00 for a single ticket and €16.00 for a family ticket. This special offer lasts from 1 July through 30 August.

BIO 26 | Common Knowledge travels to Dresden

We are very happy to announce that the central exhibition BIO 26 | Common Knowledge, together with curator Thomas Geisler, director of the Kunstgewerbemuseum at the Dresden State Art Collection, and assistant curator Aline Lara Rezende, will be brought back to life and shown in an adapted version in Dresden.

With special focus on information crisis; Common Knowledge – Design in Times of the Information Crisis questions fake news, trustful sources and examines the interrelations between multidimensional information crisis and citizenship. It explores the role and potential of contemporary design in shaping knowledge and truth and in recalibrating our infosphere. It also reflects on the post-biennial COVID19 pandemic and its informational misconducts.
It features works by Bureau d'etudes, Commonplace studio, Dunne & Raby, Formafantasma, Forensic Architecture, Futurefarmers, Marshall McLuhan, Neri Oxman, Victor Papanek, Superflux, Jaime Serra and others, that tackle information crisis and overload. The displayed works open people's eyes and minds by, for example, speculating what life would be like in a world surveilled by drones; by mapping out the power and political structures behind media empires that directly impact public opinion and how we attempt to navigate the glut in a learning information cloud. It is not surprising that we constantly feel overwhelmed.
The exhibition, a collaboration of the Kunstgewerbemuseum Dresden with the Museum of Architecture and Design, and BIO 26| and its partners, will take place from 4. 7. till 1. 11. 2020 at the museum's premises at Schloss Pillnitz, Riverside Palace, in Dresden.
Due to the current situation we unfortunately have to refrain from holding an opening event. The exhibition will open for an evening visit on Friday, 3 July 2020 from 18:00 to 22:00. The curators, artists, designers and partners will be present.
The project is part financed by by Ministry of Culture of Slovenia, European Regional Development Fund and Centre for Creativity.
For more information on BIO 26 | visit:

Essay Competition: My street in the city of the future

In reference to the general theme of the City Street4 Conference (CS4), the My street in the city of the future Essay Competition invites entries to document your street/streets in a near or distant future. Do you think the streets will be clean, green, full of cyclist, pedestrians and people who like to spend time and socialize outside? Or do you think that streets will become open spaces with robots cleaning them while people will use them only to drive in all sorts of new self-driving (autonomous) or even flying vehicles for example? Can the control of the drones and cameras in the future affect people’s habits in the streets? Do you have some ideas how young people can participate to make city streets better in the future?
Form and Language
English and Slovene are the official languages for Essay Competition that is part of the City Street4 Conference. If submitted writing will be in any other world language, an English translation must be provided along with a submission. The author is responsible for the correctness of the translation. For the jury review Only the English or Slovene submissions will be eligible.
The essay should be at least 750 words long and not longer than 1500 words. The essay may be accompanied with drawings or sketches.
The submitted writings must have a clear link to the main theme of the Competition. 
The competition My street in the city of the future is open to schooling youth and students between the ages of 10 to 18. 
Participation will be in one of two separate categories:
• age category from 10 to 14 and
• age category from 15 to 18. 
The Top 3 writings from each of the two age categories (10 – 14 years old; 15 – 18 years old) will be published on the CS4 webpage and exhibited during the conference in Ljubljana between 22 September 2020 and 27 September 2020.
The authors of the top 3 writings from each category will win the prizes, the first prize for both categories is a tablet computer.
Essays submitted to the My street in the city of the future Essay Competition entries will be assessed according to their engagement with the competition theme, their creativity and originality.
The jury’s decisions will be final and irrevocable. The organizers reserve the right to replace or add a jury member at any time.
Members of the jury:
• Nina Goršič, architect, Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia, Ljubljana, Slovenia,
• Natalija Lapajne, curator, Museum for Architecture and Design, Ljubljana, Slovenia,
• Mag. Polona Filipič, architect, Faculty of architecture, University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

How to Submit?
Participation in the My street in the city of the future essay competition is free of charge and registration is through the City Street4 website. Only one entry per person is allowed. All entries should be submitted in digital format. 
The submission system will be open till 10 June 2020, 11.00 pm (Central European Time).
Types of Submissions
The essay must be submitted as a Word .doc and/or .pdf file. Each submitted writing must be uploaded through the conference web-portal along with other data required in the submission form.
If you have any technical problems with the submission system, please contact
Important Dates
Competition registration              28 January 2020 to 10 June 2020
Essay submission                      28 January 2020 to 10 June 2020, 11.00 pm UTC+1 (Central European Time)
Announcement of Top 5 for each
of the two categories on website  July 2020
Final Jury and Announcement of
Top 3 for each of the two 
categories                                     During CS4 in Ljubljana, Sept 2020 and on website
Exhibition of Top 5 essays for
each of the two categories.

Originality and Copyright 
• The author of the writing guarantees that s/he is the sole owner of the writing that s/he submits.
• The author of the essay guarantees that s/he has the right to make the writing available to the “My street in the city of the future” Essay Competition.
• The author of the essay guarantees that the text does not infringe upon the copyrights, trademarks, contract rights, or any other intellectual property rights of any third person or entity or violate any person's rights of privacy or publicity.
• The organizers of the “My street in the city of the future” Essay Competition and the City Street4 Conference deny all responsibilities in case of legal pursuits relative to any parts of the writing that depicts people who did not consent to appear in it, or if they contain elements whose owner did not consent that they be represented alongside or in relation to these elements.
• The organizers of the “My street in the city of the future” Essay Competition and the City Street4 Conference commit themselves not to sell any essay without previously contacting the author in order to reach an agreement with her/him.
• The author accepts that her/his essay can be used by the City Street4 Conference for press releases in full or in part(s).
• The author accepts that her/his essay can be used by the “My street in the city of the future” Essay Competition and the City Street4 Conference websites in full or in part(s).
• The organizers of the “My street in the city of the future” Essay Completion and the City Street4 Conference reserve the right to choose the essay for exhibitions taking place in 2020. They also reserve the right to select the format and the venue of these exhibitions.
Claims and Final Dispositions
• Participation in the “My street in the city of the future” Essay Competition implies that the candidate fully agrees to all conditions and guidelines set forth in this document.
• The “My street in the city of the future” Essay Competition cannot be held responsible if, due to major constraint or by any reasons beyond its control, changes in exhibition dates and/or venue should occur, the Competition is modified, and/or the exhibition is cancelled.
• The “My street in the city of the future” Essay Competition assumes no responsibility for any incorrect, inaccurate, or incomplete information, whether caused by website users or by the equipment or programming associated with or used in the Competition.
• The competition registration has the legal value of a signature, and the essay's owner recognizes that s/he has acknowledged the conditions and regulations and commits herself/himself to abide by them. 
Prepared by: Nina Goršič (UIRS), Natalija Lapajne (MAO), Matej Nikšič (UIRS), Polona Filipič (FA) 


Theatrum Mundi to join the Future Architecture Platform in 2021

Future Architecture is announcing that Theatrum Mundi, a Paris and London based organisation, that expands the crafts of city-making through collaboration between urbanists and artists, is selected to become a full member of the Future Architecture platform and receive a platform grant in 2021 for Urban Movement Forum, a series of choreographic and urbanistic laboratories in London, Paris and Lisbon.
In 2021, Theatrum Mundi will work with six emerging creatives from the Future Architecture Platform at three short yet intense laboratories. Within the unique urban landscapes, where laboratories will take place, multi-disciplinary practitioners will deal with existing design techniques spanning choreography and urbanism, and develop these techniques further through experiments. The project builds on methods tested through workshops, research fellowships and public events led by Theatrum Mundi in collaboration with scholars, practitioners and organisations working across dance, architecture urban design and engineering.
Theatrum Mundi sees membership in Future Architecture as an opportunity to further enhance the ability to generate new transformational ideas that influence future practice by engaging emerging creatives and facilitating collaboration with other Future Architecture member institutions. After being established by Richard Sennett in 2012 as an academic project at LSE Cities, Theatrum Mundi is at the right stage of its development to join a network of institutions at a European scale, reflecting the reputation it is gaining as a producer of architectural culture and knowledge.
With its unique international organisation profile, which is a combination of research laboratory, design studio, public platform, and arts organisation, Theatrum Mundi strengthens the multi-disciplinary and pan-European nature of the platform and brings an important perspective of urbanism to the European Architecture Program.
Through new collaboration the Future Architecture platform and Theatrum Mundi will join forces to support the generation of transformational new ideas that influence future practice.
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