Future Architecture 2020: Call for Ideas

Interested in travelling throughout Europe and presenting your work and ideas at the most significant architectural events? The Future Architecture 2020 Call for Ideas is now open. Don't miss out – be part of the future of architecture!

The Future Architecture Platform invites multi-disciplinary emerging creatives from all over the world with transformative projects related to our living environment to apply to participate in the 2020 European Architecture Program. Apply now before 6 January 2020. 
The applications will be judged by the Future Architecture board of members (consisting of high profile institutions, such as museums, galleries, publishing houses, biennials, and festivals), the Future Architecture alumni, and members of the public through online voting.
If selected for Future Architecture 2020, you'll be invited to participate in the Creative Exchange in Ljubljana, Slovenia (12-13 February 2020) and several other activities within the European Architecture Program. All travel (from within the EU) and accommodation costs for the selected participants will be covered by the platform or platform members. In addition, you'll be introduced to established institutions and have the opportunity to meet your peers, work together and boost your practice.
Change the future of architecture. Apply now.
About the Future Architecture Platform
Co-funded by the Europe Union's Creative Europe Programme, Future Architecture is the first pan-European platform of architecture museums, festivals, and producers, presenting ideas on the future of cities and architecture to the general public. 
Future Architecture is more than a competition. Future Architecture is changing the very foundation of architecture in Europe and beyond. Exploring boundaries. Breaking down walls. Building new systems. Forming new coalitions. Providing talented conceptual thinkers and practitioners with opportunities to speak up and to be seen and heard.

BIO 26|Common Knowledge awarded the Brumen Grand Prix

The Brumen Grand Prix went to the design and client team of the Biennial of Design project BIO 26| Common Knowledge. The jury awarded the project in two separate categories, identity and infographics, with the latter being “inextricably interconnected with the first, re-examining the boundary between information value and visual expression”.

The opening of the retrospective exhibition of the 9th Brumen Biennial and awards ceremony for Brumen Awards for excellence in design, the most prestigious professional design awards in Slovenia, took place at the National Gallery. The awards are conferred by the Brumen Foundation, organisation that has been promoting the quality of visual communications and raising public awareness of their importance for 16 years.

The jury conferred 31 awards in seven categories, but the Brumen Grand Prix went to the design and client team of the Biennial of Design project BIO 26|Common Knowledge. The jury awarded the project in two separate categories, identity and infographics, with the latter being “inextricably interconnected with the first, re-examining the boundary between information value and visual expression”. “The biennial’s identity is instantly captivating. Once it has the viewer’s attention it opens up different layers of information – from the programme and venue to infographic background and final conceptual surprise. The design, which works on different channels and applications, does not come with a single supporting image, but is flexible, ingenious and effective.”
“Don’t Just Believe It, Check Twice”
Ljudje, the design studio that shaped the identity of BIO 26, which is organised by the Museum of Architecture and Design, responded to BIO 26 motto common knowledge, which questions the role of information and design in modern society, with visualisations of sad, alarming and mundane data.
The fake news phenomena is another aspect covered by the Biennial and having tackled it before with his Fake Good News project Miha Artnak, CEO and creative of Ljudje, is no stranger to the subject. “Fake news is a fascinating phenomenon that has been with us since forever (granted, it was delivered as ordinary lies, ‘Chinese whispers’, propaganda, conspiracy theories and similar. But in the flood of information and advertising options that we are confronted with today, fake news is a much more serious threat to the question of truth. My media pranking project was successful and my lies won me a number of interviews. The said truth is that corporations and countries do this every day to confuse and silence us, to sell us their product or ideology,” said Artnak, adding that the “cheerful” infographics which included lots of alarming information about the world we live in served to communicate a simple message: “Don't just believe it, check twice”.

Instagram concept competition #GlassRepurpose


Do you have an innovative idea how to recycle discarded glass in order to help conserve nature and reduce the global volume of waste glass? 
What would you create out of 50 tonnes of waste bottles? 
How would you reuse a whole container of discarded storage jars?  
What do we do with huge piles of waste packaging glass? If you have an ingenious answer to these questions, enter it to win the first prize of 1,000 Euros!
Post a photograph or a video clip of your idea, or alternativelly, illustrate it with a drawing or a plan. We are looking forward to your suggestions as we strive to raise the awareness of possible uses of large amounts of discarded glass which should not become a mere waste but obtain a new practical value. 
Looking forward to your innovative ideas until 25 October!      
Museum of Architecture and Design and Steklarna Hrastnik, the sponsor of the 26th Biennal of Design are announcing an Instagram concept competition #GlassRepurpose.
Steklarna Hrastnik is a socially responsible company, therefore the following question is in order: what happens to these products after they have outlived their original intended use and their lifecycle is completed? What new value or information can a large quantities of old glass bottles create?
The key challenge participants will have to face is to develop new ways of repurposing glass packaging, and to present them to us in a thirty-second video or in a photo. We are looking for original, out-of-the-ordinary ideas conforming to the principles of sustainable development and with market potential. The winner will be decided by a panel of judges composed of Matevž Čelik Vidmar of MAO, Mateja Š. Dimic of Steklarna Hrastnik, and Erika Oblak of Ecologists Without Borders.
The competition is aimed at architects, designers, photographers, and anyone else interested in this topic. Entries will be accepted until October 25th, 2019, after which the three best entries will be chosen by the judges. The winner will be announced on social media platforms after the BIO opening ceremony on November 14th, 2019. The winning entrant will receive a €1,000 prize, and the first and second runners-up will be mentioned in the media. All winners will also receive a symbolic ‘Steklarna Hrastnik Experience’ award.
If you want to share your idea, tag it with #GlassRepurpose, also tag @mao_slovenia, upload it to your Instagram profile, and enter our competition!
1. Download the Instagram app for iPhone or Android to your phone.
2. Follow @mao_slovenia on Instagram.
3. Snap your original photo or record a thirty-second video clip in line with the theme of #GlassRepurpose.
4. Upload the photo or video clip to Instagram, tag it with #GlassRepurpose, and also tag @mao_slovenia.
5. Make sure your profile is set to public, or else the competition organizer will not be able to access your photos.
6. Throughout the competition (from September 1st to October 25th, 2019), participants may upload up to five photos or video clips to compete for prizes.
By posting their photos tagged with #GlassRepurpose, the participants automatically accept the terms and conditions of the competition.
Terms and Conditions of the Competition
The #GlassRepurpose competition runs from September 1st to October 25th, 2019.
The jury will select the three best entries. The winning entry will receive a €1,000 prize, and the first and second runners-up will have the opportunity to be mentioned in the media and a symbolic ‘Steklarna Hrastnik Experience’ award.
1. In order to be eligible for competition, each photo or video clip posted must be tagged with #GlassRepurpose and @mao_slovenia in the text input box.
2. Your Instagram profile must be set to public.
3. Each participant enters his or her own photo or video clip; joint submissions or submissions from associations, companies, or organizations will also be accepted.
4. Entrants can post up to five photos or video clips submitted at any point during the competition period.
5. The competition is open to individuals age eighteen or over, excluding the competition jury members or employees of the organizer (MAO) or the competition sponsor (Steklarna Hrastnik, družba za proizvodnjo steklenih izdelkov, d.o.o.).
6. By entering the competition, you agree that, if chosen, your photos or video clips can be displayed on the competition organizers’ social media platforms.
Following the end of the competition, the jury will meet in November. The jury members are: Matevž Čelik Vidmar, MAO; Mateja Š. Dimic, Steklarna Hrastnik; and Erika Oblak, Ecologists Without Borders.
The jury will review all photos and video clips and select the three best entries, whereby the winning entry will receive a prize in the amount of €1,000, and the first and second runners-up honorable mention in the media. All winners will also receive a symbolic ‘Steklarna Hrastnik Experience’ award.
The three best entries (photos or video clips) will be published on the Instagram profile of the organizer (@mao_slovenia), on the organizer’s website (, and on other social media platforms.
The creators of the prizewinning photos and video clips will have to contact the organizer by e-mail (to: within four days from the announcement of winners, and, per the organizer’s instructions, provide the following personal data: full name, address, taxpayer identification number, e-mail address, phone number, and a link to their Instagram profile, which will be used by the organizer to contact them.
The winner will receive his or her prize money after 14 November 2019.
If any winner fails to contact the organizer after the winner announcement, or fails to accept the prize in person, it shall be deemed that he or she waives his or her right to the prize money.
Read more about #Glass Repurpose Terms And Conditions on this link.

The BIO 26 projects show off at MAO

The winning teams from the designathons attended the show off at at the Museum of Architecture and Design and presented their final projects which will be displayed at the six partner institutions during the 26th Ljubljana Design Biennial.

MAO hosted the "design freeze", which marks the end of the design phase and start of the production phase. The groups presented their final concepts to the curatorial and BIO teams during a day packed with intensive meetings. They received the final inputs and comments before the prototype/installation production.

This is the last BIO-related event before the opening of the biennial on November 14th.

For more information about BIO 26 please visit the official website of the biennial.

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