Call for BIO 25 associated projects

The Museum of Architecture and Design, organizer of the 25th Biennial of Design (BIO 25) in Ljubljana, launches an open call for entries for BIO 25: ASSOCIATED PROJECTS, a program of parallel events that aims to give a broader view of issues addressed in FARAWAY, SO CLOSE, a core biennial exhibition.

Local and international designers, curators, educational institutions and cultural organizations are invited to take part in the ASSOCIATED PROJECTS program, which will enhance the biennial with a diverse program of events, exhibitions, lectures and other projects.

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International projects: 15 January 2017
Local projects: 15 February 2017


E-book On Information Design

The Museum of Architecture and Design published together with the co-publisher The Pekinpah Association an electronic book On Information Design edited by Petra Černe Oven and Cvetka Požar. The book registers one of the series of lectures in the theory of architecture and design Information Design 2009/2010 that ran from November 2009 to October 2010 at MAO. The lectures were the first lectures in our cultural region ever to focus on the topic of information design.

Six internationally recognized experts presented the field of information design to the Slovene public: Yuri Engelhardt, Rob Waller, Jorge Frascara, Karel van der Waarde, Malcolm Garrett and Karen Schriver. They spoke about the selection, visualization, interpretation, and communication of data. Each lecturer addressed a specific aspect of the information design, but the contributions have a few themes in common; information design that is focused on the needs of people, that is gaining interest among an increasing number of visual communication designers, that depends more on theory, empirical research and testing and improves communication.

Read and download for free the contributions of lecturers in the electronic book published in separate Slovene and English edition. (vertical format / horizontal format)


BIO 25 episodes and participants

The BIO 25 participants will develop speculative scenarios in the form of seven episodes at a specific locations: in the subterranean world of caves, in the forest, in a soon to be closed mining landscape, inside a contemporary urban ruin, in a rural playground, in a quiet alpine setting that was once a battleground and on the sea. Check who are members of the episodes!


Days of Oris 2016

The 16th Days of Oris, the architectural convention with invited architects, will be on 15 - 16 October 2016 in Zagreb. This year Days of Oris will include: Ana Kučan (Slovenia), Dinko Peračić (Croatia), Numen / For Use (Croatia/Austria), Umberto Bonomo (Chile), Pezo von Ellrichshausen (Chile), Patrik Schumacher – Zaha Hadid Architects (Great Britain), Iñaqui Carnicero (Spain), William J. R. Curtis (Great Britain) in Bernard Khoury (Lebanon).

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