Future Architecture announces selected creatives of 2019

Future Architecture members and 2018 alumni selected 21 ideas from the 357 received at Call for Ideas 2019. The authors will be invited to the Matchmaking Conference as part of Creative Exchange 2019 taking place from 13-15 February 2019 at Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO), Ljubljana, where they will present their ideas on Future Architecture and get the chance to become a part of Future Architecture programme of events.

The 23 members of the platform voted for the following authors and their ideas:
Céline Baumann (Switzerland) with Queer Nature 
Katerina Frejlachova, Miroslav Pazdera, Tadeas Riha, Martin Spicak (Czech Republic) with Logistic Landscapes
Daniel Norell and Einar Rodhe (Sweden) with Under Construction
Urban Works Agency (Janette Kim, Neeraj Bhatia, Antje Steinmuller and Christopher Roach) (USA) with A seat at the table
Forum for Architecture Theory (Fabio Don and Marco Zelli) (Switzerland) with F.A.T.
Shift (Elizaveta Dorrer, Dmitry Alferov, Arthur Röing Baer, Christian Lavista) (Germany) with Shift
Spaces like action (Marco Ferrari, Cristina Gallizioli, Maria Giulia Milani) (Italy) with Spaces like Actions
Sonja Dragovic (Montenegro) with The Beautiful Ruins We're Made Of
Traumnovelle (Léone Drapeaud, Manuel Leon Fanjul and Johnny Leya with Roxane Le Grelle, Sébastien Lacomblez, Claire Trotignon, Philippe Braquenier and Jurgen Maelfeyt) (Belgium) with Eurotopie
Meisje Trabajo (Netherlands) with The 0.75 Scale
para-sight (Cyprus) with Visual Mediations
Elian Stefa (Albania) with Art(i)leria
Charlotte Malterre-Barthes, Dubravka Sekulić (Switzerland) with Curriculum Revolution 
Yuan Chun Liu (Cam Liu) (Netherlands) with Expansion as the second Layer of the City
SO? (Sevince Bayrak, Oral Göktaş) (Turkey) with Hope on Water
Outsider (Slovenia) with Outsider
Lodovica Guarnieri (Netherlands) with (UN)just Peace
Ateliermob/Working with the 99% (Portugal) with Working with the 99%

Last year's alumni selected the following ideas and their authors:
Klodiana Millona (Netherlands) with It's time for an Architecture of De-Growth
Vojtěch Rada (Czech Republic) with The Crimson Clouds: Sequel
Giorgia Scognamiglio & Lorenzo Zandri (United Kingdom) with Unsent Postcard

The selected participants will be joined by winners of the Young Talent Architecture Award - YTAA 2018 Julio Gotor Valcárcel (Switzerland) with the winning project Perdido (Lost), which was also selected by the members, as well as Hendrik Brinkmann (Germany) with Neue Bauakademie Berlin and Matthew Gregorowski (UK) with Deplorable Framework.

The selection of 25 creatives is completed with the public’s favourite idea. Followers of the Future Architecture website and social media have through an online vote selected Architecture through the butterfly effect by Benart Shala (Kosovo) as their favourite.

The selected author for parallel writers call FINAL_FINAL the First dpr-barcelona Writer's Grant are Martina Freitagová and Lucie Kohoutová with their proposal Fables and Constructions. The criteria used for the selection and a more detailed overview of the selection process will be announced by dpr-barcelona.

Full results of the selection process>>


Architekturos fondas to join the Future Architecture

Architektūros fondas, a non-governmental public institution from Vilnius has been selected to become a full member of the Future Architecture platform and receive a platform grant in 2020 for its annual programme Building Narratives.



Your favourite idea 2019

The public vote was open from 7 to 14 Jan and received record breaking 12.018 valid votes. Followers of the Future Architecture website and social media have selected their favourite idea, Architecture through the butterfly effect, by Benart Shala (Kosovo). It explores the phenomenon whereby a minute localized change in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere, experiencing it in architecture throughout history.

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Highlights From the Last Year's Journey

Along the anticipation of insightful discussions to be held at the Creative Exchange in Ljubljana, we'd like to take a step back and shed a light on some of the highlights from the previous journey. The FA alumni remember their experiences, and reflect upon shifting expectations, shared knowledge and the impact of FA programme on their practice.


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