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Toward a concrete utopia: Architecture in Yugoslavia 1948-1980

Editor: Stephanie Emerson
Published: Muzej sodobne umetnosti (MOMA), New York
Printed and bound: Gorenjski tisk, Kranj, Slovenija
New York, 2018, 228 pp., ang., ill.
ISBN: 978-1-63345-051-6

The monograph Toward a concrete utopia: Architecture and Yugoslavia 1948-1980 was published to accompany the exhibition with the same title, which is on display at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. It also features over 60 works by Slovenian architects and designers. The exhibition is on display until January 13th 2019. 

Edited by Martino Stierli and Vladimir Kulić.

Essays by Maroje Mrduljaš, Jelica Jovanović, Vladimir Kulić, Luka Skansi, Vladimir Deskov, Ana Ivanovska Deskova, Jovan Ivanovski, Łukasz Stanek, Tamara Bjažić Klarin, Theodossis Issaias, Anna Kats, Sanja Horvatinčić and Andrew Herscher.

Case studies by Vladimir Kulić, Tamara Bjažić Klarin, Mjerema Zatrić, Anna Kats, Matthew Worsnick, Martina Malešič, Juliet Kinchin, Vladimir Deskov, Ana Ivanovska Deskova, Jovan Ivanovski, Luka Skansi, Arber Sadiki.

Cena: 58.00 €

Living With Water

Editors: Nina Granda, Matevž Granda, Ajda Bračič
Publisher: Museum of Architecure and Design (MAO)
Production: Z.O.P. - Zavod za oblikovanje prostora
Ljubljana, 2018, 304 p., eng., ill.
ISBN: 978-961-6669-49-8

The publication accompanies the presentation of the Slovenian pavilion at the 16th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice – La Biennale. Articles by Lučka Kajfež Bogataj, Valentina Smej Novak, Marin Medak, five Future Architecture alumni and more.

Cena: 28.00 €

Faraway, So Close - BIO 25

Editors: Maja Vardjan, Angela Rui & Cvetka Požar
Publishers: MAO Ljubljana & Motto Berlin
Ljubljana 2017, 342 pp., eng., ill.
ISBN 978-2-940524-69-3

Excited over our fresh new book, Faraway, so close, edited by Angela Rui, Maja Vardjan and Cvetka Požar published by MAO Ljubljana and Motto Berlin.

The book works to explore ways of changing the goals of design culture. By presenting the seven investigative episodes developed within BIO 25 and their interchange with both local archives and broader paradigms, the project aims to turn away from the urgent need to solve problems, and instead open up new frontiers for observation and experimentation. It seeks to consider our inhabited and habitable world for what it is and what it is becoming, and not simply what we think it should, ideally, be.

Contributions by: Nabil Ahmed, Andrea Branzi, Tony Côme, Brendan Cormier, matali crasset, Domitilla Dardi, Odo Fioravanti, Didier Fiúza Faustino, Studio Formafantasma, Thomas Geisler, Rory Hyde, Alexandra Midal, mischer’traxler studio, Dimitrij Mlekuž, Point Supreme Architects, Emanuele Quinz, Renata Salecl, Anna-Sophie Springer, Studio Folder, James Westcott, Elia Zenghelis and many others

The book features an extensive photo documentary essay of the episodes by Delfino Sisto Legnani and Marco Cappelletti.

Cena: 29.00 €


Author: Janez Kresal
Edited by: Aleš Šteger
Publisher: Beletrina
Co-publisher: Museum of Architecture and Design
Ljubljana 2016 pp.263, eng., ill.
ISBN 978-961-284-223-9
The monograph brings in text, photos, drawings and plans an in-depth insight into the work of the architect, urbanist, professor and designer Edo Mihevc. .
Cena: 59.00 €

Podoba Slovenije

Autor: Ivan Stopar
Editors: Igor Sapač in Primož Premzl
Publishers: Umetniški kabinet Primož Premzl and Museum of architecture and design
Maribor 2016, pp.256, slo., ill
ISBN 978-961-6055-47-5

Book of art historian and conservator Ivan Stopar contains 100 graphic works with portrayals of Slovenian towns in the mid-19th century.

Cena: 49.00 €

Streets and neighbourhoods. Vladimir Braco Mušič and large scale architecture

Editor: Luka Skansi
Publisher: Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO)
Ljubljana 2016, 237 pp., eng., ill.
ISBN 978-961-6669-41-2

The catalog was published to accompany the exhibition Streets and neighbourhoods. Vladimir Braco Mušič and large scale architecture, which is between 17th May and 20th November 2016 on display at the Museum of Architecture and Design.
Through expert texts of the authors of the exhibition; Luka Skansi, Bogo Zupančič and Martina Malešič, we learn about the life and work of the architect and urbanist Vladimir Braco Musič. Closely we get acquainted with the development of urban design concepts of Slovenian hausing estates from the first post-war developments to the last large neighborhoods.
About neighborhoods of Vladimir Braco Mušič also wrote Matevž Čelik, Višnja Kukoč and Eva Sapač.
The catalog is equipped with a rich visual materials. 

Cena: 29.00 €

Home by Dekleva Gregorič Architects

Editors: Aljoša Dekleva and Tina Gregorič
Publisher: Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO)
Ljubljana 2016, 305 pp., eng., ill
ISBN 978-961-6669-39-9

The book was published with the participation of Slovenia at the 15th International Architecture Exhibition at the Biennale in Venice.
Slovenian presentation at the 15th Venice Architecture Biennale, the curators and exhibitors Tina Gregorič and Aljoša Dekleva from the architectural firm Dekleva Gregorič architects addressed Home at Arsenale, and conceived the concept of residential structures, which will take place during the Biennial act as a platform to explore concepts such as home and stay.


Cena: 28.00 €

Light as Colour: Coloured and Colour Photography in Slovenia from Its Origins until 1945

Author: Primož Lampič
Publisher: Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO), Beletrina, Academic Press
Ljubljana, 2015, 390 pp., slo., ill.
ISBN 978-961-6669-33-7

The book offers the first review of coloured and colour photographic production on Slovenian soil from its origins in mid-19th century until 1945. At first it concerns various types of colouring, toning and monochromatic techniques, whereas in early 20th century the first genuine colour images appear, i.e. transparencies made with a standardised additive process called Autochrome plate. It includes introductory paper, a bibliography, a catalogue of works, and colour reproductions. The book is available in Slovene with an extensive summary in English.

Cena: 38.00 €

Saša J. Mächtig: systems, structures, strategies

Edited by: Maja Vardjan
Ljubljana 2016, 226 pp., eng., ill.
ISBN 978-961-6669-38-2

The catalog is equipped with a rich visual material and professional texts in which for the first time in one place embraced design work and engagement of Saša J. Mächtig. In the catalog can also be found interviews with the artist Marjetica Potrč, designer Thomas Lommée and Juliet Kinchin from MoMA.


Cena: 29.00 €

Europe City: Lessons from the European Prize for Urban Public Space

Publisher: Centre de cultura contemporania de Barcelona, Lars Müller Publishers
Zürich 2015, pp. 208, eng., ill.
ISBN 978-3-03778-474-7

The publication is a compendium of lessons learnt from the first eight awards presented between 2000 – 2014 for best practices of responding to many challenges public spaces of the European cities face.

Cena: 29.00 €
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