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Light as Colour: Coloured and Colour Photography in Slovenia from Its Origins until 1945

Author: Primož Lampič
Publisher: Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO), Beletrina, Academic Press
Ljubljana, 2015, 390 pp., slo., ill.
ISBN 978-961-6669-33-7

The book offers the first review of coloured and colour photographic production on Slovenian soil from its origins in mid-19th century until 1945. At first it concerns various types of colouring, toning and monochromatic techniques, whereas in early 20th century the first genuine colour images appear, i.e. transparencies made with a standardised additive process called Autochrome plate. It includes introductory paper, a bibliography, a catalogue of works, and colour reproductions. The book is available in Slovene with an extensive summary in English.

Cena: 38.00 €

Designing the Republic : Architecture, Design and Photography in Slovenia, 1991-2011

Edited by: Matevž Čelik
Ljubljana 2011, 254 Pages, slo., eng., ill.,
ISBN 978-961-6669-17-7

The book with the texts written by Matevž Čelik, dr. Primož Lampič, Cvetka Požar and Špela Šubic deals with the development of architecture, design and photography in Slovenia in the past two decades. A selection of works represents the efforts for the changes that offered right answers in certain moment, affect people and cannot be overlooked today.


Cena: 5.00 €

Oskar Karel Dolenc: Black-White Opus 1960-2010

Edited by: dr. Primož Lampič
Ljubljana 2011, 200 Pages, slo., eng., ill.,
ISBN 978-961-6669-10-0


A monograph of the Slovenian photographer Oscar Karel Dolenc, co-founder and long-term member of Fotogrupa ŠOLT, a group of students and photography amateurs from which grew the first post-war generation of professional photographers.



Cena: 19.00 €

Emancipated images : photographs 1967-2007

Edited by: dr. Primož Lampič
Maribor 2007, 123 Pages, slo., eng., ill.
ISBN 978-961-6489-12-6

Monograph of Slovenian photographer Janko Andrej Jelnikar, a longtime member of the Fotoklub Maribor and one of the avant-garde - modernist photo group, called the circle of Maribor (Mariborski krog). Author of the text is dr. Primož Lampič.


Cena: 10.00 €

Images of the Slovene coastal towns' hinterland through the lenses of Primorska's photographers

Design: Jure Čeh in drugi
Koper 2005, 415 Pages, slo., eng., ger., it., ill.
ISBN 961-91514-0-2

An extensive four-language historical topographic text and photographic survey of life, especially the traditional culture of settlement in the interior of the Slovenian Istria on an idea by photographer Jure Čeh and with the participation of several photographers (from Primorska) and authors of texts.

Cena: 25.00 €

Lisbon of the nineties: the archive photographs

Edited: Urša Marc, Primož Lampič, Jose Manuel Viegas, Mojca Medvešček 
Ljubljana 2003, 18 Pages, slo., port., eng., ill.

Lisbon in interpretation of the modern Portugal photographers. Now it is at the forefront contemporary architecture, another time is documenting the life of urban population and the associated smallness of the individual in an urban environment.

Cena: 2.50 €

Karlo Kocjančič, 1901-1970 : writer and photographer

Edited: dr. Primož Lampič
Ljubljana 1999, 121 Pages, slo., eng., ill., ISBN 961-90417-2-0

The monograph presents the work of Karl Kocjančič, Slovenian journalist, photographer and writer. The texts were contributed by several authors.

Cena: 5.00 €

150 Years of Photography in Slovenia 1919–1945

Edited by: Stane Bernik
Ljubljana 1990, 285 Pages, slo., eng., ill.

The book is a study of the development of Slovenian photography in the years from 1919 to 1945. Editor and curator of the exhibition has been Stane Bernik, texts were contributed by a number of authors, among them Peter Krečič and Primož Lampič.

Cena: 5.00 €