Reception Hall

Area: 87 m²
Seating room: 60
Standing room: 150
Table seating: 50

The Reception Hall is located on the ground floor. It can be accessed directly from the courtyard through a double glass door beneath the four-arch arcade or from the hallway in front of the Restaurant, which it is connected to by a small semicircular staircase. It has a tiled floor and a wooden ceiling, which has been reconstructed in Renaissance style. On the east side of the hall, wooden stairs with an iron railing connect the hall with the Double Lancet Hall on the first floor.


Great Tower

Area: 150 m²
Seating room: 250
Standing room: 350
Table seating: 110–160

The Great Tower is the largest hall on the ground floor, accessible through the Reception Hall or the South Hall. It can be used as a completely independent room or as a link between the other two halls on the ground floor. The hall is bright, with large windows on its south and east sides, and a tiled floor. It is one of the most magnificent and largest rooms in the castle.



Area: 50 m²
Seating room: 50
Standing room: 60
Table seating: 36

The Restaurant is located on the ground floor of a castle tower, accessible from the hallway, and is actually an extension of the arcaded passage. Two pairs of windows open to the north and two embrasures to the east, highlighting the fact that the castle was once a fortress. The tower features its original cross-vaulting. The Restaurant is ideal for smaller groups, dinners, and lectures.


South Hall

Area: 130 m²
Seating room: 130
Standing room: 250
Table seating: 96

This ground-floor hall can be accessed directly from the courtyard. Four windows face south, overlooking the Ljubljanica River, and on the east side a small staircase connects the hall with the southeast tower. It has tiled floor and a wooden ceiling, which has been reconstructed in Renaissance style. On its north side, small wooden stairs with an iron railing descend to the basement, where the museum’s repository is located.


Castle Coutryard

Area: 450 m²
Seating room: 500
Standing room: 800

The castle is reached via a stone bridge leading to a spacious castle courtyard. Three of the corners of this long, rectangular area have square or rectangular towers, and a round tower stands at the northeast corner. Arches open up onto the courtyard along the entire north wing. The South Hall, Reception Hall, Restaurant, and the museum's offices can be accessed from the courtyard.


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