Sunday Creative Workshops

The creative workshop is a place of fun, play, creativity, learning and socialising, where children aged 5 to 15 (or younger, if accompanied by their parents) learn about architecture, design and photography. Through conversation and with fun learning tools we explore the topics of exhibitions and then use what we’ve learned and a great deal of imagination to create our own items. Creative workshops are led by education curators or renowned architects, designers and photographers. Two Sundays every month from 11 am to 12.30 pm. Free admission! Prior arrangement not required.

Birthday Party at the Museum

Surprise your children and their friends with a creative and fun birthday party at the Renaissance castle or in its vicinity. Children can become lords or ladies of the castle or famous architects, designers and photographers. You can choose among various museum programmes, bring your own music, food and drinks and surprise the birthday boy or girl with a special present and a CD with the photographs of the party. By prior arrangement only (at least 14 days in advance). Duration two hours, for groups of up to 30 children.

Thematic Workshops for Groups

Makalonca Fairytale and Drawing – Explore the almost forgotten fairytale about Makalonca by Fran Saleški Finžgar and Plečnik’s illustrations for it. After we watch the Makalonca animated cartoon and read passages from the book, we will colour Plečnik’s book illustrations.

Create Your Own Fantasy House
– With the help of a computer presentation of selected buildings, we will build a façade with doors, windows, and balconies and explore architectural elements of which it is composed. We will create replicas of buildings with different materials and techniques and compose fantasy houses.

Castles Large and Small – Exploring Fužine Mansion we will learn about its history and famous owners, find out what a castle, a court and a mansion are and the difference between a medieval and a Renaissance castle and make a model of a castle.

Space/Environment – Why does the mansion stand next to a river? Why does it feature a power plant? Why are there a park and apartment blocks next to it? The workshop teaches us how architecture influences the environment and structures space by adding to it or taking something away from it. The children will make a plan or a model of their idea of how to arrange a certain space.

Camera Obscura
– What are the origins of photography? What is a darkroom and why is it important for the invention of photography? By making a camera obscura we will learn about the history and invention of photography.

My Book Jacket
– In the visual communications collection we keep many book jackets by acknowledged Slovene designers, which will inspire us to design jackets for our favourite books.

Make Your Own Chair – We will explore the chair, its history, function and shape and create our own from various materials.

Felting – We become designers and create unique items using the wet felting technique.

Thematic workshops are intended for various age groups. From Tuesday to Friday between 10 am and 6 pm, by prior arrangement only, duration 90–120 min.

Information and  registration
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